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♥ ♥ c o m p i l a t i o n s ♥ ♥

features the new track Sedition

A Silence Broken

features the new track Don't_withthe.aiff
Trax Hors Série #9: Spécial Filles

Feature the LOE track: Tell Me Does She Love the Bass
other artists: Ellen Alien, Andrea Parker, Beady Belle, Jennifer Cardini, Coco Rosie, Water Lilly and more...
Mind the Gap

Gonzo Circus is a bimonthly Belgian magazine, focusing on contemporary subcultures. Mainly music, but also film, literature, art, cyberculture and everything in between. Every issue includes a Mind The Gap CD, containing a selection of the most interesting up-to-date music at the time of publication. The November issue feature the Katastrophe remix of Manipulate, available on Giggles in the Dark.

Other artists on the comp include: Animal Collective, American Analog Set, Phon. O feat.Kevin Blechdom and more...

Robosapien's Nuvo Compilation
Montreal's Radical Pop Underground

features (to name a few...) Les Georges Leningrad, [sic], We Heart Molecules, Pony Up! and many other awesome tracks.

we have a 'pre-mix' version of Kunstant Kroving on it.

we're from montreal = hott band
LTTR #02
Listen Translate Translate Record

This LP-sized issue unfolds into a series of posters with texts, photographs, and other works by Boots, Charlotte Sims, Craig Wilse, Hanna Liden, Leah Gilliam, Mary DeNardo, Sara Thustra, Silka Sanchez, Wynne Ryan, and XYLOR Jane. This issue includes a CD with songs, an interview, and other audio pieces by Boyfriend, EE Miller, Jennie C. Jones, Jenny Hoyston, Joint Collaboration Productions, Lesbians on Ecstasy, Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn, Pauline Boudry, James and Math, Rhythm King and Her Friends, Sarah Shapiro, Ulrike Müller, Wikkid, Wynne Ryan. Artist multiples by Astria Suparak, Fereshteh Toosi, and Free Dance Lessons are included with each copy.

5725 Hutchison Montreal Underground

features the electrosexual remix of "Tell Me Does She Love the Bass"
on Supermuscle records
DJ Frigid's compilation

features the likes of Tiga, Duchess Says, Echo Kitty and dj Frigid with Plastic Bertrand + + +

Frigid did an X-tremely awesome heterosexual mix of "Tell Me Does She Love the Bass


Lick - Fabulous Gay Tunes 3

with the Butchies, ProCon, Johnny McGovern 'The Gay Pimp', The Cliks and more...

Talkin' About a LOE Mixed CD

featuring traxx by:
LOE, , Kids On TV, The Scream Club,
, The Practice of Joy Before Death,
and Lezzies On X remixes by Sean Kosa and DJ Frigid.

its not really available anymore, but if you emailed us and asked really nice, we could figure something out xxxxxxx