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♥ ♥ r e l e a s e s ♥ ♥

We know you Know cover art
in stores april 10th 2007

listen to a new track off the album on our
it's called 'Party Time (a womyn's luv)

Giggles In the Dark cover art

Giggles in the Dark Remix vinyl and CD

Features remixes by such gaylords and fag hags as:
Le Tigre, Tracy + the Plastics, Sean Kosa, Kids on TV, dj Ai, Scream Club, Jody Bleyle (from Team Dresch), Katastrophe, 1-Speed Bike and special bonus CD track by Ssion.

It's coloured vinyl (lavender of course) with cover art by Onya Hogan-Finlay and includes Giggles in the Dark fanzine with inteviews with all the artists.  

Available on alien8 recordings: www.alien8recordings.com
cd cover


no lesbians were harmed in the making of this album

Lesbians On Ecstasy
Lesbians On Ecstasy

its weird when your album is self-titled you always end up writing the name twice.
I bolded one so it looks different

anyway, there's lots of real info about the album here: alien8 recordings

we're very excited.


our very first album.
she'll always be our favourite.

our first release -

12" single out on vinyl
Tell Me Does She Love the Bass

split 12" with The Unireverse -
U Feel Love

available on